37th Annual Mustang and Ford Roundup

Saturday, August 26, 2017
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Saturday August 26, 2017 - Rain or Shine

The Mustang Owners Club of Austin (MOCA) is proud to present our 37th Mustang & Ford Round Up at Cabela's in Buda. 15570 IH35, Buda, TX 78610

The registration form can be downloaded from this link.

The show will help support our charity SafePlace, now known as SAFE.

We’re going to be holding a dry goods/food drive for SAFE. Visit the website (www.safeaustin.org) to see a list of items on their Wish List.

Judging for twenty seven classes, two awards per class.
Registration 8:30-10:30 AM
Trophy Presentation 3:00 PM

For more information or questions please email: carshowinfo@mocatx.com

General guidelines:
Entry fee is $20 for the first car and $15 for each additional car before 8/13/17.
Entry fee after 8/12/17 is $25 for the first car and $20 for each additional car.
Entrants may be DISPLAY ONLY with a $10 fee per car, FOR SALE signs $10 (must be ours) and Vendors $25 per space.

All Vehicles MUST be Ford Powered.

There will be music and fun.

Remember to bring chairs and umbrellas.

MOCA Round Up Show Rules

All entrants are expected to comply with these rules. They are required by our host, sanctioning organization, or insurance provider. Non-compliance will be grounds for disqualification or expulsion from the show.
• No alcoholic beverages are allowed on Cabela’s property.
• No careless, reckless driving or unnecessary noise by entrants.
• No obscene or suggestive artwork or lettering allowed. Signs and displays must be presented in good taste.
• An entrant needing to move a car prior to the completion of the show must have a walking escort by a show staff person.
• All tents and displays must be set up appropriately to prevent potential hazards to entrants, attendees and property. All setups are the sole responsibility of the entrant.
• Entrants must maintain his/her immediate show or display area clean of all trash during the show. The entrant is responsible for pick up and disposal of any trash in their display area prior to departing the parking lot.

Initial class brackets will be determined by show pre-registrations. All vehicles must be Ford Powered.
• MOCA reserves the exclusive right to update the type and number of show classes based on the final results of pre-registration and show day registrations.
• Trophy classes will be based on the final results of pre-registration and show day registration.
• Class trophies will be awarded based on the show judges' tallied results.
• MOCA will also provide for “Best Of” awards.

Stock/Restored: Vehicles entered as Stock/Restored are allowed up to three modifications such as aftermarket wheels, replaced engines, Ford Powered only, chrome components (e.g. valve covers air cleaners etc). However, such changes must be consistent with wheel diameters/styles, fuel induction systems, and engine types typically available during those model years. For example, fuel injection, overhead cam engines and 5 speed/AOD transmissions were not offered for the 1965 through 1973 year-model Mustangs.

Relative to Stock/Restored vehicles, and to maintain judging objectivity, no additional weight will be given for highly chromed/polished engine bays, braided hoses, auxiliary instrument clusters, etc. Of key importance will be the overall general appearance/condition, use of stock components, and cleanliness (exterior/interior/engine bay/trunk) of the car. All vehicles must be Ford Powered.

No restrictions are stated for safety modifications such as radial tires, improved braking systems, auxiliary gauges, etc., or other upgrades such as audio systems, as long as such upgrades do not substantially alter the original concept and design of the car. All vehicles must be Ford Powered.

Modified: Four or more modifications from stock qualify the car for a Modified Class. This class will be included for each generation of Mustang. The entrant will be encouraged to register his/her vehicle in a Modified Class if it contains four or more modifications from stock condition. The entrant will incur penalty points for failure to abide by the modifications guidance as based on the final determination of the show judges. All vehicles must be Ford Powered.

Modified has no restrictions and will include vehicles that have been altered to appear (generally referred to as “Faux Cars”) as a Shelby, Roush, Steeda, or other recognized aftermarket vehicle manufacturer’s product. Also included as “Faux Cars” are vehicles substantially modified to the extent so as to represent a manufacturer’s production BOSS, GT, Cobra, or other vehicle All vehicles must be Ford Powered.

2017 August Car of the Month

Ricky's Mach

As we all reminisce about our younger days and the awesome cars we had, I too joined the Mustang “in" crowd, again. Around 2003 I had decided to get my hands on another Cobra Jet. I had no idea of the difficulties I would have finding a 70. I was searching for a 1970 CJ Mach, due largely to the aluminum rocker paneling that looks so cool. As I proceeded I discovered that there were only around 2000 R codes for 1970, where there were 10,000 produced for 69. The challenge was on! The car I found was factory blue on blue with A/C, power brakes, and power steering, and VERY complete. Acapulco blue was not my favorite color, but since the interior was blue, I knew that was very rare. The blue Mach was found on a farm 45 miles north of Houston in a little place called Normangee.

So my wife and I hauled this thing from Normangee to Lubbock, (attention from spectators was flattering), we get the car home, and after a couple weekends of very light surgery (broken valve springs), I got to drive it on the country roads. It was a pure stock 428 CJ, and ran just the same. WOW, what an experience. And then… the painful restoration began. Part of the process was to get a Marti report, and to our total surprise, we had a 1 of 1 CJ Mach. BONUS! As the next few years dragged on, I completed everything myself except the body and paint work. After I put the all new blue interior in the freshly painted Acapulco Blue body, it looked better than I could ever had hoped. Now blue is my favorite color. And my maiden voyage? The MOCA annual Ford roundup show in 2008!

2017 July Car of the Month

Daniel's Cobra

I found my Cobra back in 2002. It is black with gray leather 1970 built April 16, 1993 and sold through Shamaley Ford in El Paso, TX. The original owner had installed a 347 and blew the engine so it was parked for a few years. His financial situation at the time allowed me to purchase the car for only $2000 to include the additional speed parts but it only came with one original wheel and 3 spare tires. I brought the car home, started cleaning and removing components that were no longer working and making a list of replacement parts needed. It took 4 months to get the car running and get the cobwebs out. I drag raced the car for a few years and then tried my hand at autocross. After the car was in good running order, I had the car painted in 2006. The restoration went into high gear after the paint with NOS wheels, and a multitude of new interior and exterior parts. It has a new Ford racing 302 short block with the stock cam, intake and AFR 165 aluminum heads. BBK Long tube headers, x pipe and Magnaflow mufflers help her sound great with 3.73 gears for quick acceleration. I installed front seats from a 2001 Cobra and an FR500 steering wheel normally for an SN95. Our move to the Austin area from El Paso, TX has also proved to be a very welcomed increase in power due to the elevation change. Thankfully the A/C blows ice cold so I can keep cruising in this central Texas heat!

Want to know what's the best sports car to get?

According to Matthew DeBord of Business Insider, it's the 6 speed manual 2017 Mustang GT 5.0 convertible. Want to know why? Click here to read the article.

Here's a picture of the beauty:

2017 June Car of the Month

Brain's Highway Cruizer

This is my 2014 Mustang GT Premium w/Track Pack and Roush Axle Back Exhaust. She is called "The Highway Cruizer" because we've made plenty of highway trips to the east coast. I love driving her and after even the longest days at work, there's nothing more rewarding than a cruise along any open road. I'm hoping later this summer, we will get to take the ultimate cruise to Southern California and visit with some relatives.

2017 May Car of the Month

Frank's Red Rocket

The car was originally owned by my daughter who was married to a Ford dealer in Laramie, WY. (She's still married to the same guy but he's no longer a Ford dealer!) So, I am the second owner of this beauty and took delivery just 10 days before the 50th anniversary Pony Drive Across America from Mustang, OK to Las Vegas International Speedway in April 2014. That trip was a good opportunity to evaluate my new purchase and I discovered a good road car with a forgiving shifter and decent gas mileage (when my right foot behaves!). I've put 12K miles on the car since I acquired it and try to drive it weekly, with the top down, of course! "Red Rocket" will be journeying to Overland Park, KS (Kansas City) for the 2017 MCA Grand National show in August. Join us!

Mustang GT350 vs Focus RS - Who wins?

Can't make up your mind on which vehicle to get? Maybe this video will help you decide

Cruise to Fredericksburg - April 22, 2017

Here's a short video of the cruise:

10th Annual MOCA Spring Car Show

Thanks to all our sponsors and participants for making our 10th annual MOCA Spring Car show a success!

To view the pictures of the event, please click here!

Our Sponsors (in alphabetical order):

  • A-Line Auto Parts
  • Farmers Insurance – Brian Pugh
  • Hamilton & Associates
  • Inspire Fitness
  • Larry W. Smith – Personal Collection
  • Mustang Project
  • Morris Glass
  • Pro Modular Performance

The winners (in no particular order):

2016 January Car of the Month

Kelly's 1966 Fastback

Hello! My name is Kelly Hattori, and my 1966 fastback is the CotM. Boy does this car have a history… one that’s hard to encapsulate in a short readable document, but I’ll give it my best shot.
Meet Calamity Jane. This car has been a major fixture in my life since 2010, when I bought her as a clueless 19-year-old. I had set my heart on building a perfect vintage daily driver – despite not even knowing how to change a tire at the time – and Jane was the perfect starting point. Originally an I6 auto car with no options, a previous owner had long ago put in a hopped-up 289 V8 and a 4 speed with a 9” 3.23 rear. The body was more or less good (barring the passenger side floor pan, which it turned out wasn’t actually welded to the frame), the paint was great at 20 feet, and she ran and drove beautifully. This car came with no previous known history, a sad state of affairs which I quickly remedied.
I took this car and spent three years making it my own. The goal was to build a car that looked like a “dressed up” stock car with a very vintage feel but some stealth modifications for improved drivability. I added power disc brakes, a power rack and pinion, A/C, Fox Body Mustang seats (recovered to look like ’66 seats), 3-point seatbelts, fuel injection, better charging and wiring, subframe connectors, and a whole host of other smaller goodies. My “minor project car” turned into a full-blown restoration obsession. Somewhere along the line I befriended a master bodyman and painter, who fixed some minor rust issues and put on a show-quality paint job. I went from a know-nothing nobody to a genuine car enthusiast and hot rodder because of this car.
I declared the car “finished” on April 22, 2013. Three days later, I was rear-ended by a distracted driver going 40 mph faster than I was. Jane took care of me and I walked away without a single bruise. But she was in ruins. My perfect, beautiful car… destroyed. It was the worst day of my life. But I’m not one to let things sit, so I set about saving Jane. Insurance came through, my friend put Jane back in his shop, and on December 23rd she rolled out looking better than new.
I spent another 4 months going through a bunch of other minor wreck-related issues that needed to be remedied (for example, the entire rear of the interior had shattered). I put her back on the road for the first time at 1AM the night before traveling to the Mustang 50th Anniversary in Charlotte, NC – almost a year exactly after the wreck. We had a ball at the 50th! But I wasn’t quite satisfied with our “comeback of the year”, as it had been dubbed.
So that summer, I took a road trip. A really long road trip. A two-month-long, 10,000+ mile road trip that took me from one end of the US to the other. It turns out that camping out of a 1966 Mustang fastback is more fun than anything I could possibly even imagine. Jane was perfect the whole way round the country and I have countless photos of her against the best backdrops this country has to offer.
Since then I’ve moved a few times, and Jane always comes with me as my faithful road trip monster and daily driver. I rebuilt the engine this past December so it’s ready for a few more laps around the United States. This year, I’ll be headed up to Colorado for a couple of weeks in June and to Reno for Hot August Nights in August! Can’t wait.
If you’d like to read the long version of Jane’s story, check out my blog “A Map and a Mustang”.

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