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2015 June Car of the Month

1973 Mustang Sports Roof
The Vigee's 1973 Mustang Sports Roof

I purchased my mustang in the summer of 1987 while serving in the military for $3.500 dollars. This was my wife and I first car that we purchased together after we got married and served as our daily driver from 1987 to 1989.
In 1989 I was deployed out of the country so the mustang sat in a garage until my return in 1991. After returning we decided to purchase another car and soon we lost interest in driving an old car. We moved around a little and with every move the car was required to sit in a garage while my new cars sat in the weather. In 2010 after years of looking at this extremely dusty mustang my wife and I decided to put it back on the road.
The car was in great shape from sitting indoors for so many years. During the dis-assembly under the carpet we found the original build sheet (awesome find). When we pulled the motor and drive train we found the vin numbers both were also original to the car, fenders came off and you guested it vin numbers matched on the shock towers. However the driver’s side door had been changed showing it was a Mach 1 on the door tag. This was why I purchased the car to start with.
Well with everything matching we decided to do a restoration, so swapped out the lazy 351 2v and the FMX for a 429cj with a C6 tranny, pulled the 2:78 gears in the rear and replaced with 3:90 positive unit. Oh what a blast to drive now. Anything and everything that was change is stored to one day go back into the car.
Although we were very upset about the mustang not being a true Mach 1 we decided to see what we really had. So we got a Deluxe Marti Report and when we got it we had a pleasant surprise in store for us.
So by the numbers:
• 134,867 1973 mustangs,
• 10,821 were Standard Sprotsroofs. Of them
• 4,350 were built with a352-2v Engines, of which
• 3,392 came with FMX Automatic Transmissions.
• 368 of those were painted Medium Copper Metallic and
• 49 of those had Ginger Knitted Décor Bucket Seats.
• 30 of thee came with Air Conditioners.
• 6 of them had F70x14 Raised White Letter Tires, of which
• 3 were equipped with Rear Bumper Guards. Of them
• 1 was produced with Clear Glass and surprise it is MINE!

Thank you to all of our suppliers for help with our spring show

I would like to take this opportunity to THANK Dell Diamond, all the volunteers and all the trophy sponsors for our Spring Open Car Show.
The trophy sponsors included: A-Line Auto Parts, Central Texas Classic Cars, Hamilton & Associates, Mac Haik Ford and Morris Glass.
The show was VERY successful, we had 122 registered cars and LOTS of spectators and participants. I’d also like to thank everyone that contributed dry good items for SafePlace – it was very much appreciated. We were also able to provide SafePlace with a good cash donation from car show.

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