2014 April Car of the Month - Richard Brimer

Richard's 1966 Mustang Convertible
Richard Brimer's 1966 Mustang Convertible

This is my 3rd 1966 Mustang. The first one I purchased when I was in High School in Dallas in 1971 for the princely sum of $750. It was metallic green with a black vinyl top
and an in-line 6 cylinder engine. Later I sold it and after a brief flirtation with a new car, I purchased another coupe and owned it long enough to need to restore it. The winter salt
in Maryland was not kind to it. About ten years later when it was in need of a great deal of engine and transmission work I sold it to someone who was in a better position to give
it the loving care it needed than I was. But, I vowed to my wife to own another one!
About a year ago I started looking for a replacement and after searching all over Central Texas and as far as Houston I found a convertible that was in great physical condition and
ran well. It also had another important characteristic that I was looking for, it was almost a 100% period car. Some parts such as the carburetor, exhaust, and air conditioning are
upgrades from 1966. But for the most part the car retains its period flavor. I drive it every weekend and keep it garaged during the week.
It draws favorable comments and looks from everyone who sees me in it.
Many people have told me that they have owned early period Mustangs in the past and have regretted selling them. I know exactly how they feel!
I hope to continue to take it on Cruises and perhaps enter it in shows once in a while. Right now I am on the road to the 50th Anniversary event in Charlotte and can’t wait to
see what others are doing with their cars.

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