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Hello MOCA Friends & Members,

2016 August Car of the Month

Victor's 2015 Mustang GT

Club members, I current sold my 2015 Mustang GT Premium 6 speed
manual 5.0. I had owned the car for 8 months and enjoyed driving the car
every day. The  car performed great and handled better than my previous
2014 Mustang GT Premium 5.0. I have been a Ford owner for over 30 years. Somebody
hit my 2015 mustang GT as it was parked outside a customer's location
and damaging the driver side quarter panel then left without a note. I was so
pissed that it happened that I traded the mustang GT in for 2016 F150
4x4 the next day. Looking to stay in mustang car club and purchase a
new Shelby mustang in the future for a weekend car only. I would like a
new Mustang Shelby 500 when they arrive. I still miss that car but
looking forward to the new 2017 or 2018 Shelby 500.Very much enjoy the update emails from the mustang club

2016 July Car Of The Month

Jeremy's 1988 Saleen Convertible

This is my 1988 Saleen convertible #238. I bought this car about a year and have enjoyed cruising around in it on the weekends with my 2 little girls. They absolutely love getting in it with the top down and riding around town!
The car is about 90% original. The interior/exterior are in immaculate condition considering the age. The only things really not original on the car are the windshield banner (I have an original to replace the current one), the side stripes are missing (I have those as well), and the stereo was replaced (I have the original stereo as well).
I don’t plan on making any modifications to this car. My only plans are to enjoy it on the weekends and maybe start entering some car shows with it.
Jeremy Waters

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