The Ford Mustang which appeared in April of 1964, means many things to many people. The car is a tradition in the hearts of both young and ld. In the Mustang Owners Club of Austin (MOCA), we celebrate the diversity in our many different members, their cars, and their interests. Please Contact Us with any questions you may have.


President John Barbian president@mocatx.com
Vice-President Richard Brimer vicepresident@mocatx.com
Secretary Bobby Lane secretary@mocatx.com
Treasurer Frank Lambert treasurer@mocatx.com
Web Editor Adrian Tao newsletter@mocatx.com
Events Ramona Thompson events@mocatx.com
Membership Chairperson Angela Stewart membership@mocatx.com
Car Show Chairperson Donna Cutler carshowinfo@mocatx.com
Charity Fundraising Chairperson Ginny Haynes fundraiser@mocatx.com
Regional Director of MCA Virginia Shingleton  
Webmaster Adrian Tao
Historian Sue Loerch

Board of Directors

Chairman John Barbian
Director Daniel Thompson
Director Chris Oakley
Director Roger Cutler


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