MOCA Sponsor - Mustang Project

Congratulations! You are an admirer of one of the great motor cars of our time, the Ford Mustang. Introduced April 17th 1964, the Mustang means many things to many people. The car is over 40 years old and a tradition in the hearts of both young and old. Whether you have a classic 1965, or a brand new model, we all share a common interest in admiring one of America's most enduring and finest automobiles.

Our club members engage in numerous activities throughout the year. We swap information and parts, assist both buyers and sellers, socialize and take driving tours, and enjoy workshops and seminars. Some of the membership enjoys drag racing, while others enjoy original restoration, but we all enjoy meeting and welcoming new members to our club!

The Membership fee is only $25, so download the application and send it in right away!

If you have any questions regarding MOCA Membership please send an email to

Here is a link to our current bylaws for the club: MOCA Bylaws

If you would like to join the Mustang Club of America (MCA) after becoming a MOCA member, please click here for an application.

Click here to view the new members we have welcomed in 2016 that have elected to share a little about themselves and their mustangs.