Welcome 2016 New Members

The Mustang Owners Club of Austin welcomes new 2016 members.

Katie Write

I have loved Mustangs since I was old enough to know what a car was. I was lucky enough to have my parents buy me a brand new 2007 Mustang GT back in 07 when I graduated from high school. Within the last 2-3 I have really gotten into modding her and always looking to see what new things I can do with her. I've been wanting to get into the Austin mustang scene for awhile now, so I'm happy to be a new member of MOCA!

Katie Wright

Stephen Morley

I used to have a 2013 V6 Auto Premium, "Mustang Club of America Edition" in Gotta have it green, but I always wanted the V8. I bought my Magnetic Metallic on Mustangs 50th birthday April 17th 2015. I just wanted a raw piece of American muscle, so I opted for the performance pack, manual shift with Recaro's. No frills, no regrets.
To date updates include, MBRP Street cat back/BAMA tune/Intake/JLT oil separator/blacked out emblems/Interior blue LED's/50 year anniversary shift knob, some engine dress up, and a custom pony on the grill because.........erm, I'm a Brit!

Rory Estes

I am currently the owner of 2 Mustangs, a 2012 Track Pack GT and a 1968 J-Code Coupe. In my opinion, the ’68 has a pretty incredible story behind it…

I purchased the coupe when I was 16 years old for $3,500 in 1994. I invested every penny I had to restore the car during my junior and senior years of high school. During this time, my wife, Courtney and I dated in this car as we are high school sweethearts. In 1996, following graduation, I decided to sell the car as I needed something more reliable to make the road trips from Austin to Lubbock where I was attending college. So with much regret, I sold it and purchased my next Mustang, a 1988 GT hatchback which was a bitter sweet purchase. Even though I sold the car, I retained the original set of keys and all paperwork which included the vehicle identification number…knowing that one day I would track the car down and own it again. 20 years went by and the car passed through the hands of multiple owners. I completely lost track of the car during this time, but my wife and I dreamed everyday about owning it again.

In 2014, I stopped by the Department of Motor Vehicles on the way home from work and did a search for the vehicle and discovered that its current owner was David Egenolf, a member of MOCA. Shortly after, I met him for the first time at the Austin Mustang Roundup where he happened to have the car on display. My heart melted when I saw the car for the first time in decades. Amazingly, the car was basically the same, inside and out. It was the same color…the original V8 was still pushing it down the road and still had the same exhaust that I installed in high school so even sounded the same…the interior was the same and still smelt the same…it was a time capsule. A few months later, my wife and I stumbled on the car again at the MOCA spring show at Dell Diamond in 2015. My wife noticed the car before I did and she got to reunite with it for the first time. She was instantly in love and we got to share such an amazing moment as we sat in the car together for the first time in 20 years and reminisced.

Our dream came true a few weeks after that show when David decided he would part with the car and let us own it again. We cannot thank David enough for allowing us the opportunity to have the car back in our family. Today, the car continues to receive an abundance of TLC and is undergoing the remainder of the restoration. My wife and our 2 boys, Jakson and Payton take advantage of every opportunity to get her out on nice days and cruise the highway with the windows down, our hair blowing in the wind, and creating new lifelong family memories!

Rory Estes

Chris Clements


My name is Chris Clements. I grew up in the home of a Ford Parts manager. All my life I've desired to have a Mustang. I just never had one because it seems I always had to have some other kind of vehicle for my job and couldn't afford having two vehicles.

Finally at the age of 51, I am able to own my first Mustang. I searched on eBay, Craigslist and local listings for over a month. I ran across an ad on Craigslist that led me to this green metallic beauty. She's a 1999 Mustang GT Convertible with a 5 speed shift in nearly mint condition. I'm thinking of calling her ENVY.

I'm going over her with a fine tooth comb and doing some minor upgrades. My wife and I absolutely love this car! We are going to keep this one for a long time to come. We look forward to creating some great memories with our kids in this car. We have a 2 year old boy and a 6 year old girl and they are just as thrilled as we are about having this pony!

We are super excited about our membership with MOCA and look forward to great times ahead!

Chris Clements
Owner | Scorpion Media LLC
San Marcos, Texas