Fun Facts about the Mustang

So you think you know all about the Mustang? But do you truly know everything? Read on to find out!

Did you know:

  • According to the designer, John Najjar, the Mustang was originally named for a World War II American fighter plane, the P-51 Mustang
  • It’s one of very few cars that has been in production for over 50 years and has not missed a model year
  • The Mustang was only projected to sell 100,000 models in its first year but surpassed that in three months
  • The original Mustang was only a few seconds slower than the Formula One cars of the time when tested on the same course
  • In 1964, the Mustang served as a pace car for the Indy 500
  • The 1970 Mustang Boss 429 is one of the rarest (and beefiest) muscle cars ever built
  • Red and blue continue to be the most commonly sold colors of the Mustang

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